Studio Techniques I @ Dream Studios


12 Hour course introducing students to recording and mixing techniques.



Studio Techniques I

4 Weeks, 12 Hours  – $500

Week 1: 3 Hours in Studio

Mixing Module 1

setup session, get balances

Best Practices for Monitoring.

Mixer Channel Strip.

Insert effects.  Eq.  Compression.

Week 2: 3 Hours in Studio

Recording Module 1

Instrument Overdub

Analog Signal Chains.  Microphones & Direct Boxes. 

Mic Pre’s. Eq and Compression for recording.

Week 3: 3 Hours in Studio

Recording Module 2

Vocal Overdub, post production.

Recording techniques such as double tracking, comping.

Reverbs and Delays and FX for rough mixing and tracking.

Session Workflow.

Week 4: 3 Hours in Studio

Mixing Module 2

Mix down of overdubs and  prepare for mastering / streaming.

Applying compression, eq, reverb, delays, FX, limiters to create a finished product. Creating final files for Streaming, CD, Mastering, MP3 and more.


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