Mixing In ProTools Level 1

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Our ProTools Mixing Level 1 course, led by mentor Paul J. Falcone, begins June 15th  and runs through July 13th.  

Classes meet each week for a 1 hour live Zoom conference with the Paul J. Falcone.

Students will receive video content for each week’s corresponding lesson as well as a downloadable template and project files.  

Week 1: Essential Key Commands for working in ProTools quickly.  Importing audio.  Setting up a session file for mixing.  Referencing and A/B-ing mixes.  Creating your Master Bus.  

Week 2: Before the mix, cleaning, tuning and tightening.

Week 3: Balance, Panning, EQ, and Compression.  Automation.

Week 4: Mix Effects, creating the glue.   Side Chaining Effects.

Week 5; Putting it all together and creating the final mix master.   Pre-mastering in the mix session.  Creating Mix Passes for reference, to send for mastering and for streaming services, duplication and pressing.  LUFS and level, the facts and fiction.

Students can use any version of ProTools including ProTools First (free) through ProTools Ultimate.

Students will receive a plug-ins bundle from including plugins from Focusrite.  Also included is a TrackToMix, Fitted T-Shirt or Mug.


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